Viña Borgia
€2.74 €3.22
Viña Borgia, red wine made with Garnacha by Bodegas Borsao in the central area of Aragón under the D.O. Field of Borja.

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J&B, blended Scotch whiskey of the best-selling internationally and the third best-selling in Spain.
Jameson is an Irish whiskey that has been produced since 1780 characterized by its triple distillation that makes it a remarkably smooth and unmistakable whiskey. 70cl bottle
Jack Daniel's, is a Tennessee whiskey and not a Bourbon, although its manufacturing process is similar, it differs in that Jack Daniel's experiences a filtering in saccharine maple charcoal, which gives it its sweet...
Cutty Sark, is a Blended Scotch Whiskey made with a mixture of more than twenty types of malt and grain that end with a six-year rest in American oak barrels.
Cardhu 12 Years is a single malt whiskey characterized by its silky character, with hints of honey and delicate fruity aromas.
Bulleit Bourbon, whiskey made from corn, rye and malt combined with filtered water from Kentucky limestone, which gives this bourbon its special character.
Drambuie is a liquor of Scottish origin made mainly of whiskey, honey, herbs and spices.
Glenfiddich Project XX has been produced by 20 of the greatest experts in whiskey. Invited to the Glenfiddich distillery, they were invited to participate in this exciting project ...
Glenfiddich 18 years old is a Premium Whiskey from the Glenfiddich distillery. The barrels used for refining have previously contained American bourbon.
Glenfiddich 15 years old is a Single Malt aged in Sherry barrels, American Bourbon barrels and new oak barrels.
Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskey characterized by its exceptional softness. The best-selling Canadian Whiskey in the United States.
Yamazakura, Japanese whiskey made from a combination of four carefully selected malt and grain whiskeys and aged in American oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon.
12 years Glenfiddich malt is the best known Spanish whiskey single market. In its development involved only a single malt type and comes entirely from the same distillery, hence their designation single malt.
Knockando 12 Years Single Malt is to delight you with its fruity flavor with hints of almonds.
Macallan 12 years single malt is a very high quality. Its softness and character make it an indispensable bottle of whiskey drinkers.
The Whisky Buchanan's de Luxe binds to its distinctive fresh, sweet and smoky aroma rather than taste. A real gem in its category.


Whiskey is a drink obtained from the distillation of fermented malt from different cereals such as: barley, wheat, rye and corn. After fermenting these cereals, the product obtained would be stored in white oak barrels where the aging would take place.

At De Blanco a Tinto we offer a wide variety of the best Whiskeys such as: Jack Daniel's, Cardhu, Laphroaig, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal ...





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